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Localized concrete and spalling repair:
Structural reinforcements rust, causing expansion and cracking of the surrounding concrete. This causes the plaster to fall off. We conduct repairs to ABE or SIKA specifications, removing loose concrete to expose the corroded steel. This is ground to remove rust, treated and plastered to match the original finish.

For external refurbishments we only make use of rope access equipment to complete your project on time with large cost savings.

De-rusting and coating of steel Exposed steel at height is extremely vulnerable to rust and cannot be easily accessed. Rust left unattended can lead to structural failure Our experienced team can easily inspect, remove any rust, treat affected areas and re coat to original finish.

Window and joint sealing:
On buildings, which have a large surface area of glass, perished seals can cause enormous damage. We remove defective seals, and replace or re-waterproof windows across your building.

Visual, video and photographic surveys:
Quantifying and locating areas of damage at height can be impossible without a detailed inspection. HWC can perform photographic and video surveys and compile comprehensive visual and written reports for our clients.

Window and high level cleaning:
High buildings, glass ceilings, and inaccessible beams are some of the areas where access does not allow cleaning to be carried out. Our team of cleaners make use of rope access techniques to reach these areas and carry out required cleaning.


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