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Our company has been a family owned and operated business for over ten years. We are a detail oriented company dedicated to providing a perfect final appearance rather than the low priced quick wash. Because of the stressful nature of high rise window cleaning, our veteran window cleaning personnel appreciates our “quick but no rush” policy. Every one on our staff is experienced in vertical cleaning with pedestrian safety as their number one concern. And we are by no means an instant breakfast or fast food style service.

We are safe, efficient and take pride in keeping the beautiful city of Honolulu as clean as we can. We constantly learn new and innovative ways to remove atmospheric pollutants from your buildings' windows frames and ledges. I can't stress enough that when we slow down, we find quicker and more effective methods of cleaning windows which is why our prices are normally lower than our competition.


Phone: 808-735-7058
Fax: 808-384-9021

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